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Het gebruik van de coderingen van de NEN2767.

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  • Het gebruik van de coderingen van de NEN2767.

    Deze Q&A's zijn in het verleden gesteld en beantwoord, ze zijn met terugwerkende kracht op het forum geplaatst.
    Datum: 31 augustus 2017

    Het gebruik van de coderingen van de NEN2767.

    I’ve got a technical question regarding the codes used in the defects list. The structure of these codes is the following: the 4 first digits are linked with the NL-sfb classification and the 2 last ones are given at random. But these codes are compounded of 10 digits, so could you explain me on which basis the 4 in the middle are structured?

    The codes in the defects list (NEN 2767 Condition assessment of building and installation components-Part 2) are structured as follows:

    Codes of elements (for example 242003)
    The four first digits are linked with the digits used in the NL-Sfb classification. The next two digits are random chosen and for the building elements linked with the material code. For the installation elements there is no further link.
    Codes of defect list (for example B4EB01)
    First digit is a letter related to the codes for disciplines (B) building components (E) electrical components (K) components “klimaat” climate control installations (T) components transport installations (lift, escalator) followed by a digit linked with “bouw- en installatiedeel” (see table 1 page 4 and 5).
    The second letter in the codes of defect list refers to the seriousness of the defects (E) “ernstig”, severe defects (S) serious defects (G) “gering”, minor defects.
    The third letter in the codes of defects is related to sorts of defects (NEN 2767 Part 1, Appendix A) (W) ”werking primair”, primary effect (C) “contructief primair”, primary structural (M) material intrinsic and so on following the list in appendix A.
    The third letter is followed by two random chosen digits starting with 01.

    In the year 2016 we will start a new proces of structuring the codes used in NEN 2767. All codes for building, installation and infrastructural elements/components will be linked with CB-NL, the new standard in the Netherlands.